2001 Skies


July 1st, Canada Day, once again sit morning meditation facing out
        Vivian’s forest cabin window
today lower back muscles ache, I squirm in chair seeking comfort,
watch a thin trail of smoke rise from sage incense stick on window sill.
Where does that smoke go? Surely to the place where dead souls
Heaven & hell a myth invented to avoid announcing humanity’s
        humble place in the universe.
Follow breath out nostrils, empty thoughts, let spirit enter soul’s
        thin smoke stream.
This morning Vivian’s & my one-year anniversary,
beautiful dawn of lovemaking before breakfast muffins–
last night white-tailed deer spotted in dirt road by cabin,
easy to see with light lasting till 11pm this far north–
then groups of hares hopping across same road, then marble-sized
        hail thudding cabin roof an hour.
Back to breath, the thin trail of smoke, maybe I should close
        my eyes today?
No, it’s our anniversary, all body energies whisper “remain open,”
        how thankful I feel.
Vivian’s siamese cat Sky digs front left claw into my rubber sandal
        near screen door
& starts clopping around the room, 3 tiny paws and one man’s
        size 12 sandal-
impossible not to laugh in midst of this meditation.
Back to breath, back to thin trail of smoke–
a small gray moth clings to window from outside, unable to cross
        transparent threshold & kill itself in the flame.
Inhale, exhale, too many thoughts to empty this morning–
we are not yet anywhere the species we all know we can become.

July 2001