Alicia Ostriker on “Love, War, Fire, Wind”


“One of the amazing facts about Eliot Katz as a poet is that you can just never predict what he will do next. His sparkling mind, his acute political savvy, his comedy and his all-embracing warmth are always there. He is going to save the world even if it doesn’t want to be saved. And he is going to enjoy tossing tasty language around while he’s doing it. Eliot is right up there carrying the torch for Whitman and Ginsberg, keeping their vision alive and well. But who knew that he was going to turn into a tender love poet? I’ve never seen love poems like the ones in here. And who knew that this urban activist was going to transform himself into the companion of a fire-watcher, gazing at the world from a forest peak in the Canadian Rockies? Love, War, Fire, Wind, is his best book yet, a must-read for anyone who believes poetry can still celebrate life.”

–Alicia Ostriker