First Response to Trump’s First Post-Election Tweet


In his first post-election online tweet, Donald Trump criticized the tens of thousands of
     protesters filling streets across America
by saying these were professional protesters whose public actions so soon after his election
     were “very unfair.”
Can’t any of his advisors or kids point out the irony of a guy who bragged about groping
     women; advocated deporting 12 million undocumented immigrant students, mothers,
and fathers; denied climate change; and called for return of illegal Bush torture programs
     now pretending to be an expert evaluator of cosmic radiation fairness?
No wonder his bestselling business book coauthor calls Trump a sociopath with no moral center
     or intellectual curiosity whose chief concern is for abstract winning!
Given his mistaken twitter description of the protesters, is it possible that Trump’s Atlantic
     City casinos went bankrupt
and that he was sued countless times by broken-contract sub-contractors because Trump
     the self-described business genius doesn’t even comprehend
the basic window-frame difference between volunteer and paid work?
Although Trump appears immune to the clear-water content of his critics, he does seem
     easily bothered by massive anti-Trump demonstrations
with potential to embarrass him in front of national and world leaders on his most beloved
     medium of flat-screen TV!
Does he realize yet that a U.S. President is not a gold-plated corporate boardroom boss
     who can fire an energized citizenry for expressing sensible dissent?
While he campaigned on a promise to protect Second Amendment gun rights, could it be
     that thin-skinned Donald only skimmed our Bill of Rights and forgot to read the First?
Is it possible that he has not yet been told that he was soundly beaten in the popular vote
     and only the sheer luck of outdated election laws will seat him in DC?
Despite his crass campaign habit of insults, go-to-the-videotape lies, and false promises to the
     working class, Trump seems to want at least an image of respect
from America’s grassroots. So my suggestion would be to remember he has no ideological core,
     that he was a Democrat not long ago,
that he has achieved his abstract win with boatloads of bad karma to fix–so get rid of the lunatic
     Republican extremists who supported his fringe-right-managed campaign,
and appoint people to prominent government posts who promise to further social and
     economic human rights
and who will work creatively as possible to protect Earth as a habitable planet–
or surely the mass-televised anti-Trump protests will continue to grow and to drive
     the Donald crazier and crazier for the rest of his presidential motorcade turn.

                     Eliot Katz 11/16