What No God Knows


Even as I declare there is no god
a subconscious one-eyed monster digs its bloody teeth
      into my lower back to protest.
Most times I know that notions of who knows god best
      have been responsible for human slaughter
      equaled only by racism and ideas of private property.
Yet, I can’t help remembering age 16 with table tennis
      tournament matches tied
      21-all in the final game
I’d often repeat to myself:
“Please, god, help me win this one, just help
      me win this one.”
Maybe the mantra relaxed me?
I won many of those games.
I also lost a lot.

Why anyone supposed it evolutionary
to move from many gods to a stern one
      I’ll never know.
At least before we’d been encouraging debate
      among the gods of lightning and greenery!

We are all people chosen to make this world
      a better place!
Isn’t that right, whoever or whatever radiant
      being, non-being, or infinite emptiness
      might be listening?
Hear O Israel! What lord says: democracy for all,
      end the occupation and develop
      two-state cooperation?

No god knows what god would do!
No god knows why gods come and go!
No god knows what no god knows!
No god knows why it’s up to us!